Quick Start Guide

Using ChronoQuest™ out of the tube:


  1. Download the Chronoquest App from the iTunes or the Google Play store. 
  2. Tap the white drop down under “Quest(s) showing”.
  3. Select one of the default available quests. 
  4. Tap the “View” icon on the bottom right corner. 
  5. Move your device over any part of the timeline to see the “Chronos” that will pop out at you!
  6. Tap once on a Chrono to visit a related web link.
  7. Chronos are color-coded by subject matter:
    1. Red: Humanities and Literature
    2. Yellow: Science
    3. Pink: Civics and Political History
    4. Blue: Technology
    5. Orange: Visual and Performing Arts
    6. Green: Other