Creating Your Own Chronos

Create your own Chronos


  1. Open the App.
  2. Tap the “Create” icon on the bottom left of the menu. 
  3. Login. 
  4. Upload your chosen file.
  5. Set the correct year.
  6. Select whether you would like a activate the “Learn More” link, which will be added to your Chrono and take the user to an external web page.
  7. Select the direction you want the Chrono to point.
  8. Select the appropriate color for your Chrono.
    1. Red: Humanities and Literature
    2. Yellow: Science
    3. Pink: Civics and Political History
    4. Blue: Technology
    5. Orange: Visual and Performing Arts
    6. Green: Other
  9. Select your category.
  10. Add tags for your Chrono. We recommend you include at least one unique tag for the Quest you want to add your Chrono to.
  11. Review your final Chrono.
  12. Submit!