Welcome to ChronoQuest™

The augmented reality timeline for education.  We created this product because we believe that knowing what happened in the past is a vital and crucial part of understanding your present.



We live in the world that is how it is today because people in the past made the choices they made. Understanding why they did what they did, and what the intended and unintended consequences of their actions were is the first step toward making wise choices. What we do now creates the world that our descendants will inherit.



We can’t study everything, so what events and people should we pay attention to? There is no one answer to that question and there never will be. We created ChronoQuest™ so there could be as many answers to that question as there are teachers and students to argue for them. Through a lively interchange of ideas, we arrive at an ever better understanding of the past that created our present.



We are interested in creating a community of educators who want to explore the possibilities of this new technology! Please connect with us via Twitter, Facebook or drop us a line.



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